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Today I will be telling you about Bigg boss

Biggboss 15 all episodes is an Indian show that is telecasted every year in almost all of the world. This is an Indian reality show which has a huge fan following in the subcontinent especially in India. But this show is also watched all over the world. Many people have different kinds of doubts related to this show so I will be clearing all of your doubts.

Is Biggboss watch live is real or not?

Biggboss watch live is real or not? This is an interesting question and is asked by many fans from all over the world. Many people say that it is fake and all the show is scripted but that’s not the real answer. This show is absolutely real and legit. Nothing in this show is scripted or fake. But there are some rule which the contestants have to follow in order to stay in the house.

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Big boss have rules or not?

Yes there are many rules which you have to follow in order to stay in the house. Biggboss 15 watch live tells its contestants all the instructions and you have to remember that if you want to stay in the house. There are many participants in the past who have been kicked out of the house because they didn’t follow the rules and regulations. There are different types of rules which will be available on our website.

How many contestants take part in the show?

There is no fix number of participants which have to take part in the show yet average number of 15 participants takes part in the show every year. Many of them are from the Tv industry or are celebrities. Yet the locals can also take part in the show by applying through the Voot app.

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Can you have contact with the outside world?

No you cannot. You must have to stay in the house for all the time span of the show. The time span is almost 3 months and for these three months you cannot meet any of your family members or you can talk with them.

You have to stay in the house until or unless you are eliminated from the house. Only if you are ill you can go outside from the house. Many participants find it difficult to stay in the house for that long but it is part of the game.

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Does Biggboss 15 all episodes give their participants food?

The answer is yes they give you food but you have to cook it by yourself. You have to cook the food and the food is given in limited amount and you cannot waste the food otherwise you have to stay hungry. All the participants divide the work with each other. The participants cook food and also wash the dishes by themselves.

How can you watch Biggboss 15 live?

You can watch the show from various platforms including OTT platforms. The show is also available on Voot App. But you have to buy its subscription which will cost you. The Voot app provides all the episodes in full hd and you can also download it. The other way is to watch it from Colors Tv which is absolutely free but you cannot download it.

To download and watch the show free you can have all these facilities without any cost from our website and then you can also download it form our website. This will not cost you anything. You can also bookmark our website and can have access to all theh free stuff. You just need to click on our link then it will redirect you to our website and after that, you will have to click on the homepage and then it will take you to the big boss watch live.

Who is the host of this show?

The host of this show is Salman Khan. He is one of the most loved celebrities in India. He is hosting the show for almost 10 years. The megastar is the main reason the show is such a hit. This year again he will be hosting the show. The show will be telecasted in the month of November and the trailer will be out next month.

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