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Hello, Bigg Boss 15 fans and welcome to another article related to Bigg Boss 15 Live Show. In this article, we are going to talk about the audition video of Bigg Boss 15 Video. Here in the first part, we will tell you about the rules for making Bigg Boss 15 Serial audition video and in the 2nd part, we will give you the best tips and experts advice that will help you in the selection. As mentioned in the previous article in Bigg Boss 15 Full Episodes commoners can also participate and the way of participation is audition which will be taken online from the video.

So, participants have to make an audition video if they want to be a part of Bigg Boss 15 All Episodes and then their selection will be based on that video.

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Video Selection Method;

So the Bigg Boss 15 Show participants videos will be selected and uploaded to Voot official website and the videos with the most votes will be selected and then few lucky people will be selected to be a part of the Bigg Boss 15 watch online.

Rules to Make Bigg Boss 15 Serial Audition Video;

So there are few necessary things that you need to take care of while making the video.

  1. So the first and the very important thing is the video which you will give for Bigg Boss 15 auditions should have no background music. (Because they want to see the real talent in the video and the background music and extra editing can make a difference in the video).
  2. Another very important guideline is that your face should be clear in the video whatever you are doing.
  3. The video size limit is 50mbs and it should not exceed that.
  4. The format of the audition video for Bigg Boss 15 watch online which you are going to upload should be formal like avi, MOV, mp4.

These are the most important things which you have to take care of while making an audition video if you want to be a part of watch Bigg boss 15 online because your video can be rejected because of this.

Now, these are some pro tips from our side which may help you in selection.

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Tips For Making Bigg Boss 15 Audition Video;

  • So the first and very important tip I would like to give you for the BB15 audition video is that while making a video doesn’t fake up things and wear weird clothes and unnecessary acting. Be realistic as much as you can because they want to see the real you.
  • Remember another thing that is honesty so always be honest while making the video. Whatever you show must be true. BB authorities like honesty.
  • Show them something which is must for selection like how will you treat with other members if you will be the part of bigg boss 15 full episode and what is your life experience about this show and what are your thoughts and what will be your target while performing (It must be entertainment for the viewers of BB).
  • Your voice should be loud and clear. Try to make a video where the background is quiet.
  • Take care of the background whether you are making an indoor video or outside if outside a green background something like the park is fine if inside make sure it’s a well-settled place.
  • Make a video in a way that it is going to be telecasted so obviously it should be in a horizontal lane and not vertical.
  • Yes, another important thing is you should be well dressed. If you are making a video for the audition you should wear some decent clothes and prevent weird clothing which might give a bad impact on your selection for Bigg Boss 15 Live.
  • Editing the video is another important factor. You must edit your video for the Bigg Boss audition but you need to take care that editing should not change exceed the limits like they can’t judge you properly.
  • The last tip which I would love to give you while making bigg boss 15 voot audition video is the camera. You must use a good quality mobile camera or DSLR if you can manage to make the video. The video quality is the first thing that is generally noticed while making any type of video.

So this was all about the expert advice and tips for selection in Bigg Boss 15. Hopefully, it will help you a lot while making the video for participation in Bigg Boss 15 latest episode. Stay tuned for Bigg Boss 15 latest updates and if you have any doubt regarding anything remembers to tell us in the comments. We will be updating you with further instructions and news related to the BB.

If you want to watch Bigg Boss 15 Live or Download Bigg Boss 15 remember to visit this website at the end of September 2021 when the live transmission will be started.  You can bookmark this website for further news. Bigg Boss 15 watch online Voot episodes will be live here in September 2021 hopefully. Take care and stay tuned for the next article related to Bigg Boss.


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